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Do I really need SEO? A question asked by many businesses

I understand that you might initially be sitting on the fence about spending “unnecessary” money on SEO services but you should see it as one of the most important and lucrative business investments you will make. Online sales increased around 14% last year to more than £50bn. But there are over 1 billion websites out […]

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A Complete Guide To Google Manual Penalty

Google has just launched a helpful new manual action viewer feature in Google Webmaster Tools which pretty much does as it says on the tin and lets you pro-actively check if your website currently has any manual actions applied to it for spamming search results; without having to wait for an email to drop in […]

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A Beginners Guide To On Page Optimisation In 2013

It can be safely said, after all these recent Google updates, that Google is no more interested in websites that are bombarded with thousands of backlinks. It is now looking for websites with high quality content with useful resources for their search users. Past Scenario? In the past, the quality website owners/bloggers were creating extremely […]

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A Non-techie Guide to Selecting an SEO Agency

Any online business will need to employ current search engine optimisation techniques in order to achieve top ranking from Google and other engines. Using SEO to enhance a website’s ranking will increase traffic to the site significantly and this is paramount in a highly competitive online world where competition is rife. Selecting the right SEO […]

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Understanding the Importance of Co-Citation & Co-Occurrence in Modern SEO

The way Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works has been largely affected by the algorithm changes incorporated by Google. It has been experimenting over the past couple of years and has arrived to a result that is considered absolutely exceptional and powerful. The main features of SEO: linking building, anchor text, back links and keywords lead […]

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