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5 Unethical Promises You Would Usually Find In The SEO Industry

The thought of incorporating a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to your marketing strategy might have passed your mind if you own a business. Now that virtually every company has its own website with an efficient SEO technique to boost site traffic and brand awareness, which you know will ultimately produce higher sales, why not have […]

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Penguin 2.0 – What You Need To Know About The Upcoming Google Update

In last few weeks, we have seen a lot of discussions and speculations roaming around the web regarding some sort of major Google Algorithm Update which is predicted to impact the search results to a great extent. The rumours were confirmed as soon as Matt Cutts himself announced on his Twitter account that the new […]

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Accelerating Your Business By Building Your Subscriber List

List building… we are told all the time that the profits are in the list, yet most people never actually build one! Having a list can be invaluable as you can get feedback on new products, you can promote things to them for as long as they stay on your list, and you have recurring […]

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Is There a Formula For Landing Page Anatomy?

So here you are. Your website is beautiful, your newsletter is outstanding, and you’ve created products capable of solving all the problems in the world. If that’s true, then why are your conversions so low? It could be a number of things. But the simplest explanation is visitors may not understand what they’re supposed to […]

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How to Get Better Search Engine Traffic on YouTube

A client asked me this question yesterday and after addressing her question; I thought it would be nice to share these quick tips with my readers also. Everyone knows YouTube is an amazing source of traffic. In fact, as search engines go, it is second only to Google. And since YouTube is Google owned, it […]

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