Link Building

If there is one thing that is considered as the backbone of any SEO campaign, then that has to be Link Building. Link Building is by far the most important ingredient of any SEO campaign and its importance has not got down even though Google has released many updates to fight the spam on web.

Some people around the globe argue that the link building is dead now; since the recent Google updates (Especially Google Penguin update) the reality is that due to these updates the Link Building has not died but it has just become tougher and you need to level up your game to keep up with this new dynamics of this field. Therefore it has become critical for businesses to hire only the best link building expert who uses user friendly link baiting, white-hat SEO methods and Google Friendly Link Building techniques to get the maximum benefit out of Link Building.

Most of the backlinks methods and softwares that used to skyrocket your rankings in Google few years ago, don’t simply work now. Backlinks like, Spam blog Comments, Forum Signature Spam, Profile backlinks helped a lot of businesses to rank high on SERPs and get maximum benefits from the Free traffic that Google has to offer but now most of these backlinks go un-noticed by Google, and do your website more harm than good.

A good link building expert knows what works and what not in modern SEO and avoids all sorts of strategies that can result in a penalty from Google. I focus mainly on editorial links from high quality and relevant website by writing quality content for them. Guest posting and Article Marketing works a treat these days and you can be rest assured I will ensure that I spend considerable amount time and energy in these techniques rather than on other spam techniques. Spam technique may give you a little boost initially, but in the long run, they would only have your website penalised by Google, as Google would definitely catch you sooner or later.

I would also give a detailed plan of what I plan to do and how I plan to go about building quality links to your website. Please stay away from a SEOs that use the same Link Building plan for all of their clients as each website is different and one strategy that works for one website might not work for other website.

A good link building expert would focus on creating high quality backlinks instead of focusing on quantity of backlinks. Again any SEOs who promises that he will give you x,xxx number of backlinks in a week, should always be avoided, as they have absolutely no idea of modern SEO.

Modern age Link Building Expert spends his time contacting blog owners to get a quality backlinks from their blog rather than spamming on each and every blog with an irrelevant and un-necessary comment.

Similarly a quality Link Building Expert  would perform an in-depth competitor analysis to find out the link building strategy that the competitors are following to rank higher, and modify his/her own Link Building plan based on the findings.

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