Local SEO

If you are a business owner, looking to get your business online, and don’t know where to start. Then stay tuned, I am going to give a brief of how a Local SEO Expert can help your business get online and increase your overall business through online channels. For some, this might seem a bit tricky if you haven’t done anything online before, but I can assure you that having online presence is not a very tough task nowadays.

Advertising your business effectively offline on channels like, local newspaper ads, brochures and word-of-mouth publicity is a different thing, while marketing your business online is completely different and requires expertise in this specific field. Especially when it comes to increasing your website`s traffic from Search Engines, mainly Google, you would require services of a professional Local SEO Expert who will help increase your website`s rankings in SERPs and generate targeted traffic to your online business.

Here are few steps that I would take to explode your website with highly targeted potential customers from Local Search:

  1. First thing to take care of is the website; you must have a professionally created website with relevant information to convert the visitors into customers. Design and features of a website play a key role in website`s rankings and can either make or break any Local SEO Campaign. Do not hesistate to contact me if you need a new website designed.
  2. I will create an account at Google Places by visiting www.google.com/places using a Google Account. This would be the account from where the business listing would be inserted into Google.
  3. After signing up, on the listing page, I will insert your business details into the form, the details would include:
    • Company Name
    • Company Address
    • Website URL
    • Business Description
    • Business Phone Number, etc.
  4. Before approving the Map Listing, Google will call you on your Business Phone Number to verify that you have inserted the correct information. After verification (which can take up to 2-3 weeks) your listing would go live. In some cases, Google sends a postal PIN on your specified Business Address as well, which you have to enter inside your Google Places account.
  5. I would then create local business listing for your business in different Websites like, Local Yellow Pages, Classified Ads Sites, Craigslist, Insider pages, etc. These are called citations. Google fetches the company information from various local sources to find the credibility and authenticity of any given business. The more accurate and consistent these are, the better the chances of ranking higher in Local search.
  6. After your business listing goes Live, I would engage your exixting customers/visitors to leave reviews on your Google Places Listing page. As a rule of thumb, more Reviews means higher rankings, so the basic aim is to get as many positive reviews as possible on your listing.
  7. I would also create a buzz on social media regarding your business by promoting it on various social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Google consider social signals heavily to decide which website should be ranking higher than others.

These steps are not complete by any means; they are just to give you an idea of how I can help in increasing local search traffic, online presence and sales for your business.

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