SEO Analyst And Analysis

SEO Analysis is the first thing you have to look at before working on SEO of any given website. The SEO analysis has to be done from head to toe, and hence requires professional expertise to ensure that no point is missed while doing a website`s audit for the sake of SEO. Hence, it is critical to hire the services of a professional SEO Analyst to get the best analysis possible. Having done a good initial analysis, it would become easier to form a better SEO strategy for long-term results.

A good SEO Analyst will never quote a price on any given project before performing an in-depth analysis of the website, because this analysis tells the SEO Analyst regarding how much work and time is required to increase a websites’ rank in search engine result pages (SERPS). There are three basic reasons of why SEO analysis is critical before starting a SEO project:

  • Each website is different, and SEO strategy should be crafted after understanding the website`s current position and its future prospects.
  • Cost of SEO depends on the amount of work and time to rank that is needed to beat the competitors in SERPs.
  • If the analysis is not done properly, you might end up wasting your time and money on something that is not guaranteed to work for that given website. This is why I always start off with a free website audit for all clients.

So What Does A SEO Analyst Look At?

Here are just a few basic things that I looks at in order to ensure that your website analysis is effective and as in-depth as possible.

Statistics: You can’t deny the fact that the biggest job of a SEO Analyst is to perform in-depth research. These stats not only include the data in your analytics program, but it includes stats of other factors as well, like the number of searches for any given keyword and keywords that are yielding the most conversions. Also, performing in-depth research of what other competitors are doing is critical for effective SEO analysis.

Explanation on Statistics: There is no point of having lots of statistical data saved, if the SEO Analyst can’t make the client understand what that data means. Hence it is critical for a SEO Analyst to ensure that he explains his stats in easy to understand manner for his/her client.

Long Tail Keyword Research: It is true in most cases that you can’t simply rank for broad keywords, hence a good SEO Analyst will provide the client with additional long-tail keywords to target, that are easy to rank and have higher conversion rate.

Current SERP Positions: The SEO Analyst will take the rankings for all of your keywords to record your current rankings and analyse the pattern of rankings to help creating a more detailed SEO plan for keywords that require more SEO work to boost their rankings. A good SEO Analyst has tools to check rankings for 1000s of keywords on multiple search engines in the least amount of time.

The main role of a SEO Analyst is to lay a solid foundation for the SEO Plan; hence it is critical to only use professional services for this SEO Analysis so that you don’t have to waste your energy on a wrong strategy based on in-correct analysis.

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