Get Real Website Growth With One-On-One SEO Consultancy From An Experienced UK SEO Consultant

Many faceless companies claim to get your website to the top of Google search, but without a personal one-on-one consultancy, the likelihood of this happening is thin.

I’m Samuel A. King, and I will work directly with you to assess your search engine optimisation goals, and then formulate an effective strategy for reaching them. I will prime your website for growth, and we will watch it flourish together.

What Is SEO Consultancy?

SEO Consultancy is my process for learning about your business or content website, and how to give it the best possible exposure in Google and other search engines.

Grabbing a few keywords and promising the world might be adequate for some so called SEO experts, but I like to understand my client, what their website is truly about, and their goals for the future. Without this vital information, it’s extremely difficult to reach customers and visitors that convert in to real sales or regular website readers.

There is no rigid formula for my SEO consultancy with you; from the very first email we will be in direct contact, and I will address any questions and comments personally. Simply provide your website’s url, a brief overview of what the site is about, and our correspondence will develop from there.

As things progress I will analyse each of your pages and together we will develop a core set of keywords, which you would like to rank in searches for. Drawing from my many years of experience developing web properties, I will then tweak each page so they’re primed for search engines to discover.

I believe honesty is a vital trait of a good SEO consultant. You tell me your goals, we’ll develop the action plan together, and I will provide an honest assessment of the likely results, and when you should expect to see them. I will not guarantee you the number one spot on Google (anybody doing so is lying), but I will guarantee an increase in rankings for your chosen keywords and the best possible chance at success.

What SEO Services Do You Provide?

Success does not happen overnight. If you agree to hire my services after our consultancy, I will begin an ongoing campaign; bringing you regular results and seeking your feedback to ensure satisfaction. Your campaign may include, but is not limited to the following services:

Each client’s campaign is unique to their situation, but may include some of the following services:

  • Keyword Analysis, determining the best phrases that relate to your business, that have a chance to rank well, and convert searchers in to customers.
  • On Site SEO, involving the effective implementation of page titles and subheadings, relevant meta tags, image optimisation, and the re-writing of page content(if required).
  • Content Creation, including the writing of new pages and blogs to give added value to your site’s users, and further search engine indexing.
  • Site Structure Rebuilding and internal link optimisation, to highlight relevant keywords.
  • External Link Building, for direct traffic and to give pages authority in Google.
  • Social Media Management, through Facebook, Twitter, and other profiles; to build a relationship with users, and demonstrate social indicators to search engines.

I aim to create ongoing campaigns for long term success, which will involve regular updates on how things are going, and the inclusion of feedback from you.

About Samuel A. King

I am quite literally an internet geek, and enjoy all aspects of the world wide web. I understand its language because I’m immersed in it daily. I’m at the cutting edge of marketing, SEO, blogging, gaming, and online shopping, simply because I love to be.

I’ve been a lifetime hobbyist and a professional SEO consultant for 6 years, developing a number of web properties in a wide range of industries – from e-commerce, to health websites, to technology blogs.

Over the years I have developed an invaluable network of webmasters, marketers, and other web professionals, who may assist me with your SEO campaigns.

I look forward to hearing about your website.

Contact me to get started today!